Naxo Tomey

Founder of MarineWide and Captain of Makaira II

About Naxo

Captain and owner of the Makaira II, visionary, and commander of the high seas. A professional diver, he bought his first sailboat before he even knew how to sail whilst studying Marine Biology in Tromsø. Within the space of a year, Naxo has grown MarineWide from a seed of an idea, to an organisation roaring and ready to run expeditions throughout the northern hemisphere. Join MarineWide and experience his love for sailing and marine conservation and let it engulf you like a wave smashing overboard.


I grew up by the ocean, in a tiny Canary Island called Lanzarote, just about 50 miles from Africa. Since I was 5, I would spend hours by the seaside exploring ponds and everything that the coastal ecosystems had to show hidden under every rock. I guess it was there where everything started, I knew I wanted to become a marine biologist almost since I have memory.

Every next step was focused on that goal. Although my dream was to be in the ocean, and marine biology seemed like the perfect match I did not know how to get there.

It was not until I came to Northern Norway for my post graduate program that I started sailing. A turn in life circumstances ended up resulting in a young enthusiastic biologist buying a sailboat as a house. How did everything happen? I don’t know, but suddenly I discovered my passion.

However, it was here, in Tromsø when I truly realised about our impact in nature. While studying at the university in Arctic Norway and sailing full time, my tipping point was the documentary “A plastic Ocean”. My blind fold was dramatically removed and I instantly thought: I have to do something about it.


MarineWide Sailing Expeditions
MCA Yachtmaster Offshore
Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft
HSE Surface Supplied Diver
MSc Marine Ecology & Resource Biology at UiT (Tromsø)
Bachelor's in Biology at UNAV (Navarra, Spain)

Contact Info

Phone :+47 99878148
Email : [email protected]

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