Sail & Ski Lyngen

Where the steep alpine terrain meets the smooth marine realm

Tour description

This trip fits everyone who has some experience in the backcountry and is eager to discover the wonders of Lyngen Alps. This spectacular alpine terrain elevating over 1400 m right from sea level does not leave room for disappointment. Whether you look for breath-taking scenery, memorable powder lanes or sharing a sailing adventure with like-minded outdoors enthusiasts, MarineWide will provide that experience for you.

Duration4-7 Days
DifficultyEasy -Moderate - Difficult
Group Size4 people


A group of 4 friends is the optimal number for our sailboat and the tour as well. Living together more than that in the sailboat would get too crowded.


Easy/ Intermediate/ Difficult depending on the guests’ choice and the weather. Every evening, we discuss and decide the tour for the next day.


We cannot control the weather or the snow conditions, but we will do our best to make it a memorable trip regardless of the weather.


Every Wednesday from February until mid-May, at 12.00 the sailboat will be ready to set sails towards Lyngen Alps, but we can adjust the departure to your arrival.

Meeting point

We will meet you at Scandic Ishavshotel, Fredrik Langes gate 2, 9008 Tromsø. Our sailboat will be moored just a few meters away from it, right in the city center.


The prices below are per person calculated for a group size of 4 people . Contact us for other group sizes or longer trips.


4 days - 3 nights
NOK9,750/ PP


5 days - 4 nights
NOK12,750/ PP


7 days - 6 nights
NOK18,750/ PP



  • WiFi on board
  • Full board accommodation in Makaira II
  • Packed lunch for ski trips
  • Warm coffee and tea 24/7
  • Licensed skippers’ assistance on board
  • Boat-related expenses: diesel, gas, harbour fees, etc.
  • Basic sailing training
  • Use of our fishing gear
  • Sustainability discussions on board
  • Safety equipment on board



  • Mountain Guide – See our recommended guide below
  • Mountain insurance – recommended
  • Travel/cancellation insurance – recommended (check with your insurance company)
  • Snacks for skiing trips on land (bring a little extra snack)
  • Ski equipment and avalanche gear (beacon, shovel, probe)
  • Alcohol on board
  • Tour assistance
  • Meals at bars/cafes/restaurants out of the boat 



At 12:00 we will meet in front of Scandic Ishavshotel and we will walk on board. Since winter in Tromsø is particularly frosty, warm soup and warm coffee for a warm welcome will be waiting for you in the boat. There will be time for everyone to settle in and distribute their luggage in the different cabins and storage compartments before a short Safety Briefing. We will set sail accompanied by the colours of the sunset, on the first leg of the journey to Lyngenfjord. There, we will meet our mountain guide (optional) and, after a short introduction and planning of the following day’s trip, we will have dinner before bedtime.



At 7:00 we rise to have breakfast together and discuss the day’s plan. The first contact with Lyngen must always be taken with great caution. The unpredictable weather conditions, the changeable snowpack and the endless possibilities all need to be considered when choosing our first tour. It is a must for us, to introduce you safely to the magic of this unsurpassed alpine area. Therefore, we highly recommend you hire our mountain guide to have the extra safety considerations when exploring Lyngen for the first time. We can offer you a wide range of mountain trips, varying in length between 4 and 8 hours, and it´s up to you how long you want to be out there each day. The boat will be waiting with warm coffee and biscuits upon your return from the chilly mountain. Dinner is served around 17:00, but a different time can always be arranged.

DAYS 3, 4, 5...


After the first experience in Lyngen, one always wants to go bigger, so this is your opportunity to be creative with your tour. Together with our mountain guide, we will give you suggestions of the different places to explore safely. If you require additional assistance, it is also possible for one of the crew members to join you. Take your time in the mountains to fully enjoy the remoteness and the uniqueness of the terrain you will be treading on. This is happening for real, and we will be there to remind you to stop and look around to embrace it. After an exhausting but mind-blowing day in the outdoors, a special dinner will be served to conclude our mountain experience. Then, time to rest and dream while the boat rocks you to sleep and the wind howls outside.



We wake up early to make the best out of the day and enjoy the views of the mountains and the sea on our way back to Tromsø. We will head back predominantly by sail, but time constraints might require us to use the engine to return to the harbour no later than 14:00. The journey ends at Tromsø Harbour, with plenty of time to catch your flight back home.


Is it cold in the boat?

We have three different heating systems depending on whether we are at anchor or in the harbour.

1- The WEBASTO DIESEL HEATING SYSTEM can run at all times and keep the boat at around 20ºC even in the coldest temperatures.

2- The DEFROSTER recirculates the engine heat into the boat providing extra heat when the engine is running.

3- The ELECTRIC HEATERS, which we only plug in when we are moored at the harbour because they run on 220V electric power.

Is there electricity on board?

The electricity on board is unlimited when at the harbour.

At anchor, the boat runs on battery power and every cabin is equipped with 12V USB sockets. There is one 220V plug available in the navigation station that can be used to charge equipment 24/7 on 220V.

And what about fresh water on board?

The boat is equipped with two water tanks providing a maximum freshwater capacity of 700L which are refilled at every harbour. However, we encourage our guests to be conservative with the water. 

Luggage and storage on board

There is plenty of space on board for skiing/splitboarding gear, camera gear and all your belongings. We simply request our guests to DO NOT BRING HARD CASES. Only soft pieces of luggage which can be folded to fit better into the different boat compartments.


There are 3 cabins onboard. 2 double cabins in the stern and one triple cabin in the bow. The 2 stern cabins have the options of double bed or bunkbeds and they share a common bathroom with shower. if a group of 4 friends book the trip, you will only share the bathroom with your friends.

If the booking is made by a group of 5 people, you can choose what cabins to sleep in and the crew will sleep in the remaining cabin. The front cabin has space for 3 people that will share the front bathroom. Check our section THE VESSEL for more information about the boat interior.

Equipment to bring

For this trip you will need the general and basic ski touring equipment, and some warm clothes to be inside the boat. Some of the basic equipment includes:

  • Skis with skins and ski crampons
  • Ski/avalanche backpack
  • Avalanche Beacon
  • Snow shovel
  • Avalanche search probe
  • crampons (optional)
  • At least 1 ice axe 
  • Inner wool thermal layers
  • Warm winter boots
  • Warm hats
  • Waterproof/Windproof outer layer
  • Head lamp with option for red light

Avalanche backpacks can possibly be hired through us and ski equipment can be rented through our partners. In good time before departure we will send you a detailed recommended packing list for this trip.


For this activity, our guests must be prepared to be off grid for the amount of days that our trip will last. We will try to sleep at impressive anchorages as much as we can (weather dependent). This is an “expedtition” style trip, and we encourage our guests to participate on the daily routines and sailing. We will all live together like a small family and we share all the facilities onboard. Although our boat is quite comfortable, this is not a luxury boat, and winter sailing is tough, therefore ensuring an adventure no matter what.

We normally have breakfast between 07.00am and 08.00am, soon after we will get ready to departure towards the ski drop point. We normally try to anchor or moore the boat close to the skiing spots. Once ready, we get all of our gear and jump on the dinghy; a crew member will drive you to land.  We will pick you up at the agreed spot with the dinner ready. Then we set sails towards the next ski destination. It is possible to traverse different mountains and ridges with drop off and pick up at different destinations. While you are skiing, the crew will move the boat and have it ready for your arrival. We have hand-held VHFs and constant communication between the mountains and the boat. 

Check our section THE VESSEL for more information about cabins and facilities and more about the lifestyle onboard.


Each passenger will be required to sign a client contract/waiver regarding liability on board and in the mountains.

Dario Schwörer

Recommended International Ski & Mountain Guide (IFMGA)

Dario has 30 years of experience as a professional International ski & mountain guide IFMGA and a passion for snow. What´s more, he worked as avalanche forecaster for the Swiss Snow and Avalanche Institut, in Davos.

He is also a qualified canyoning and river-rafting guide, skipper, diver, para and hang-gliding pilot. During his broad training in outdoor activities, he studied geography and specialised in climatology.

Since 2000, he is the leader of TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition and, together with his wife Sabine, they have climbed the highest peak of each continent, using only human power and nature’s force.

TOPtoTOP’s current purpose is to “Save the Arctic” and his guiding fees go directly to that non-profit cause.

For more information about Dario and his guiding fees, please contact us.

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